DIY: Framed2Fame

My husband and I decided to make his mom a chalkboard frame. He cut the frame pieces and chalkboard and I did the painting πŸ™‚

What they don’t tell you on these DIY sites is the arm and the leg you have to donate to pay for it. Soooooo me being the frugal rock, I will scour the earth for a better deal or the cheapest YET baller
style. Boppity Boo!!

Home Depot
Chalkboard Total $3.97
Black Primer $.97
Chalkboard $10.97 (and there’s leftovers)
Frame Trim $3.35
Total Price: $19.26

You can’t go wrong with the price… However if you don’t have a husband that has the the tools, then we will make you one πŸ™‚



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