Art of Sanding




My husband is the general contractor for UNI PRO, LLC so I help him time to time mainly in renovation, design, and painting… Today I held a light while he sanded away. It’s awesome that we are able to work together and usually without fighting or arguing! Yeah lucky right?

We both finished our professional careers the summer of 2012, which he’s had an easy transition, me on the other hand… It’s been a challenge! My identity was wrapped up in softball, and now I’m getting to know Katie, and I’m starting to like her. That sounds crazy, but I have never really cared to pay much attention to myself or cared. Pitching kept me focused on a goal and “who I thought I was,” but I always knew there was more to me than an ability to chuck a ball. It’s just taken some time, and a blessing in disguise, my husband. Now I walk around with my mirror and see ME, and am capable of making changes to molding a better version of me.

So as he sands away, I’m in an artistic mood and snapping off a few pics while holding the light up so he can see. Thank God he loves me and just laughs, because at any other construction site I would have gotten kicked right out of there.



Psalm 128:2
You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours. (NIV)


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