DIY Drink Cart



DIY Drink Cart:
I finally got to hit the Nashville flea market, and low and behold I found this cream slightly rusted drink cart! Not to mention I bargained the homie down from $12 bucks to $10 buckeroo’s, I know that’s not a super slamming deal, but I am learning & exercising my skills here at #whatilovedoing


(I wish I had a picture of what it originally looked like! Also, the process of painting!)

1. Sand that sucker… If you think it may be lead paint (aka circa 1970 & earlier) chip in the extra $5 for primer that paints over orig. paint. (It’s either that or risking lung cancer, and don’t make the excuse you probably already have it, LAME!)

2. Prime TIME- Prime it till it’s silky smooooooooth, I’m talking DOVE chocolate smooth. I wanted to go with a high gloss finish so we coated this bad boy 4 times (and it still wasn’t purrrrrfect).

3. Paint it UP!- Choose your color, wear a mask, and coat it till you get the desired look. (note: make sure you are in a ventilated area)

4. Spray Paint Tip: Your first coat should be light and hold the can no more than 10″ away. You want to make consistent long horizontal strips then slowly back over with vertical strips to ensure you coat the whole thing. It’s easier if you can hang your product from the ceiling in a garage, for example, or lay them on a flat surface.

5. LET IT DRY- Once dry (up to 48 hours & 3 Coats later) It’s time to design!!!!

6. Creative Design Time- Here’s where your inner artist can express itself. I used paint pens from Wal-Mart ($1.87) in gold & silver metallic. Decided to wing ding it and went with circles, squares, and + signs I was pleased with the outcome, and so was my husband 😉

7. USES for the CART- I am currently using it as a side table next to our couch. The top tray holds a lamp & a decorative music box, 2nd tray is where we keep our ipad and computer, and the 3rd tray is holding misc. jars we use for juicing (not visibly pleasing, but you have to work with 600 sq ft.). You could easily use this as a mini bar in a smaller apt or home OR as a makeup vanity with all your perfumes, hair accessories, and etc.

Hope you enjoyed our little project, we had fun creating. Don’t EVER be afraid to be artistic OR to screw up royally. No joke half of my creation mistakes have turned out to be creative GENIUS master pieces… Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but you get my drift. ENJOY CREATING!!!!!




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