Rupert the Dogfather


My name is Rupert, the Dogfather. At 6 months old [a puff of smoke billows]… I was the baddest dog on the streets.


There were days I had to get cray, when those dog broads would get mouthy.


Then after a long doggie party, well you know the haps.


Man what a long night, but she found me. Well, they found me, and now I gotta get my act together. Not everyday a dog like me gets a second chance.


Oh snap crackle! They got me in a weak moment, sleeping like a little baby. First, time in a long time I’ve had a chance to sleep like the dead.


That’s my main man! He thinks he’s all bad because he puts me on a leash and talks all gruff to me. But we really know who’s the head of this pack.(lets out a breath from his snout)


I’m not really used to these fancy places. Not real sure of fine China if you know what I mean?


Selfie. She’s cool, I’ll keep her around. She feeds me and lets me do my biz, even puts the newspaper down for me to read.


I guess I’ll stay, ain’t no thang but a chicken wing when you’ve been living on the streets. Now I get a home cooked meal on the reg, lots of lovin’, and better yet all the civilized tail around these parts.


The DogFather


(p.s if you ever get the chance to rescue a little pup or an older swag waggerson do it. There is nothing quite like a man’s best friend, precious little creatures that are so full of love for there owners. Adopt a dog today from‎)


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