Quote Day 2: faith it till you make it


We used to have a saying in softball “fake it till you make it,” and I always really disliked the context of this saying, because it doesn’t address the issue, EVER. I am horrible at faking anything and what good does it do if you are hiding behind a man-made wall? So needless to say when I saw the quote by @pattheroc stating, “faith it till you make it,” did I really connect it to this quote by Martin Luther King.

During my days as a collegiate athlete I grew extremely far away from God, because I wanted to do it all on my own. Low and behold when things got rocky “I can do all things through Christ will strengthen me” would be hummed on the mound & small prayers asking for confidence, strength, etc.

As a Christian, I would definitely say for most of my life I have been “faking it till I make it,” and some may say I did make it, but in my eyes nothing quite compares to making it with God. So from now on, instead of walking on a tight rope of only hope, I will firmly plant my feet on a solid foundation of Faith & Trust in the Big Man upstairs!

So even if you can’t see that stairway leading you in the right direction, YET, have patience & “faith it till you make it!!” God will always lead his people 🙂


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