Quote Day 3: “life is bueno”


So it dawned on me this morning when I reached for my coffee cup, that there is a lot more positivity in the world than I give credit sometimes. Meaning, if we look around and become astute to hidden messages within our cities, even our own homes, there’s a lot of kind, thoughtful, even inspirational sightings everywhere!

Just when you feel like giving up on the world, remember “life is good.” Even when it doesn’t feel like it, it still is. A friend from bible study is going on her first mission trip to Mumbai, & after doing some research & talking to friends that are from India… We have nothing to complain about here. Not to say there aren’t changes that need to be made, but to have a stable roof over our heads & clean water is pretty awesome. Something we generally take for granted.

God made us to be compassionate, caring people, that care for others & this land. Maybe today, take a look around at the hidden messages that are starring you right in the face, screaming out “LIFE IS GOOD!” Then high five the sky, because we were made to sow good seeds & spread the Good News. Amen!


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