Feast your Eyes Out with PB & Me Food Truck


During my stay in Scarborough, Maine neighbors to Portland I was able to enjoy Ri Ra’s an Irish pub with fantastic fish & chips… However if you’re hungry the portions are a tad small for the price. Especially since they’re located right on the bay near almost every fish market in the area, I was expecting a few more battered haddock strips.

However, on my walk to get gelato, what caught my attention most was this colorful van I was certain was Grateful Dead fanatics. I was so sadly mistaken. When I finally caught wind and witnessed with my very own eyes this was a food truck, a food truck serving up all types of PB & J!!! As much as I want to scoff at the idea, I can’t help but enjoy the thought. I’m pretty sure anything at this point involving a food truck will fly.

It was only yesterday I remember my mom & dad telling me to stay away from the ice cream man & learning the hard way from eating the burrito from the truck parked in a dark parking lot.

Now days if you’re clever & have an idea people enjoy, and the cash to back it up, you become a mobile genius! So feast your eyes out at the PB & J truck, and if you’re ever in Portland, ME craving an old school classic… You can’t miss the truck, it’s quite colorful.



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