5 Signs Your in a Rush

Good morning! On my drive into Nashville this morning, a commute I make from Franklin everyday, it becomes an hour drive, without traffic 20 mins. Most of you that live in large cities know the hectic & chaotic drive to your destination in the mornings and frantically try to avoid rush hour. It’s not hard to pick out the drivers that are obviously in more of a rush to get to work than you are, or the arms flailing in the Honda Civic behind you because you’re obviously the worlds biggest idiot.

So here’s the 5 Signs: YOU ARE IN A RUSH…

If you are close enough where you can smell my tailpipe, then you are too close! I promise your work isn’t going anywhere and 5 mins won’t make the difference in your consistent tardiness. Set the alarm 10 mins earlier and get to work on time! I like my back bumper, capeesh?

Obviously if you’ve taken Drivers Ed you know how frivolous this action is when driving. It doesn’t save you time & it doesn’t make you look any more like Paul Walker, unless of course… Too soon? So if you think you’re dangerous take it somewhere else because I like my life, & I behoove you to take your ADD driving self and stick to one lane.

Nervous? So am I, being blocked in by the gigantore semi-truck & the Mercedes Benz that looks too expensive to even look at. Pumping your breaks is unnecessary around every turn, not to mention you are the gas hole that is slowing everyone else down trying to get to work. Figure it out.

Unless someone is literally changing a lane right on top of you & it’s absolutely necessary to honk, go for it. However, your inconsiderate rage is making everyone else’s bum pucker throwing them into fight or flight mode. Not cool. Do you understand how many caffeine-roid heads are surrounding you? Someone might just flip the script and walk over the top of cars to find you, don’t underestimate the power of coffee my friend.

I wake up in the morning just to leisurely slip into my car and wait for the inflatable car salesman to get behind me. As if it’s not annoying enough being stuck in traffic 30 mins longer than the actual commute, but what really gets me ticking is this guy. You act like I purposely slammed on my brakes because grandma Jean can’t figure out the gas or the break pedal. Then you raise heck as if I can hear your explicits & feel your beady eyes like lasers in the back my head. The mini concert you’re throwing in back of me is entertaining, but so unnecessary. Take your zanie-bar, sip your coffee, keep calm & drive on.

So if you fell into any of these categories this morning, please slow down for the love of God. You aren’t in anymore of a rush than myself or anyone else. I promise it’s nice to drive the speed limit and actually enjoy your alone time until the madness begins.

I want to thank the Ford truck today that drove 60-65 the whole way & slowed me down which in return lowered my blood pressure, calmed me down, & allowed me to see the beauty in the day the Lord has made for me. I suggest the same.

4Ever Yours,


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