5 Good uses for your dog (just don’t tell PETA)

This post was inspired by our dog, Rupert. He is a rags to riches story… Found on the streets as a puppy & now lives like a king in Franklin, TN. He has a down coat to prove it. Being that he doesn’t work & gets to lounge around, we have found ways to train him to work for us. Here they are…

5 Good Uses For Your Pooch:

#1- Foot Snuggie
On those cold winter nights it can get chilly especially down at your feets. If you’re an anti-sock wearer such as myself, a dog bodes much better than those wooly warmth givers. So why not shove the pooch to the foot of the bed, to nestle up to those piglets. Time
for an old fashion sock burning!

#2- Shaman
Have you ever noticed how dogs are always attracted to anything foul smelling, rancid, or that they LOVE open wounds. Screw the Neosporin, get that dog tongue in action. They say a dogs mouth is cleaner than ours, so clean that wound dog! I wonder if Dave Ramsey would approve of our smart money move?

#3- Trick Master Flex
I highly recommend teaching your dog to fetch. This cuts the risk of injuring yourself getting up from the couch to fetch the remote. Instead Fido is MORE than capable of these strenuous activities. Now if you could only find a way to supersede the opposable thumbs, because that beer is looking mighty delicious sitting on the counter.

#4- Flush it, Flush it Real Good
Now this might be disturbing & cause worms. However, is it really that bad if your dog eats their own fecal matter? I mean they eat everything else. Let’s get real, you’ve all been stuck in that stinky situation where the bags run out at your apt complex, the weirdo neighbor is eye balling you to make sure you pick up the doo doo, now the only solution besides walking away is if little Fido eats it. Yes that sounds disgusting, but what’s worse $150 vet bill or eviction? You do the math.

#5- Mop it Up
Why spend 5 bucks when bowzer makes an exceptional swifter picker upper? What he doesn’t eat, use his fur to clean up the mess. Less hassle and more time to eat potato chips and watch re-runs of “Saved by the Bell.” What doesn’t make your mouth, ol’ Yeller has got your back.

Hope you enjoyed new inventive ways to put your dog to work. It may not be PETA approved, but it is American approved.



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