3 Hobbies


This year has been solid, started my new business PitchResponsibly.com in January. Got an Asst Coaching job at a D1 school, and life has been treating my husband and I well. Even though everything is going great I can’t deny the nagging in my soul, that this isn’t it. Now I don’t want anyone to think I’m ungrateful, I’m not trying to be, but I feel there’s something with a greater purpose I’m supposed to do. After, the sermon this last Sunday also affirmed in my spirit what I was feeling was on the right path. (Check it out bwoc.org/media) Focus & Concentration.

When I started my business I was excited, then it got easy seeing what I wasn’t doing compared to what I had already conquered in a short amount of time. Typically a bad habit of mine and a negative one at that. Now I’m trying to juggle 2 jobs, my personal & D1 coach) at once. Let’s just say, I’ve started to appreciate the free time I had with my husband and what I (in my mind) “wasn’t” doing before. It’s crazy when your brain shifts gears and different things begin to weigh heavier than others, jobs & money included. God becomes center, family truly second, and the focus isn’t about you & your job, but what you’re doing to set up a future for your kids. Preparation.

After seeing this post on Pinterest, it made me smile because I could say “cool I’m doing that!” Maybe there’s more to what I’m doing already, but sometimes a restless spirit is guidance & also could be trying to knock you off your path. So with 2015 knocking at your door, be proactive about your 3 hobbies, take them serious, but not yourself, & have fun! Building Confidence.

Everyone should be looking forward to 2015, because it is going to be a magnificent turning point in many peoples lives. It’s a prophetic word from Jim Laffoon, I feel it my bones, jobs will be out there, and know because we are all fighters! God made us that way, to overcome obstacles & be leaders of His word.
So stand up, take a deep breath, and say “heck yeah, I can do this, & I will!” Attitude.


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