Whatever happened to Ska?


What ever happened to Ska? Many times I refer to skanking and not the drunken times at the bars in my early 20’s. However, the ska that allowed you to skank without the promiscuity and more like kicking and flailing like a looney bin patient. Not to judge I myself enjoy a little crazy and take pills to maintain my inner skank.

Back in the days aka 2002, when a fellow teammate/best friend and I frequented ska shows where we got our kick on. I remember seeing “Big D and the Kids Table” & the “Aquabats” and remembering how ridiculous but amazing the music was. All of you unfamiliar with ska will remember the song “knock on wood” or the Squirrel Nut Zippers which were both hits in the 90’s early 2000’s.

Us Millenials remember the finer times when music used to objectify real musicians and not lip syncing fools who dance around in scantily clad hoochie wear. Skank by definition has been replaced in the now growing times of the Kardashians. Where real skanks frequent the boob tube, emphasis on boob because that’s all I cover my eyes on a daily basis not to see.

For all you “skanks” out there, break out your bowlers hat, plaid shorts, & tee so we can get the generation of SKA right. Bring your bass or violin and let’s get naked on stage… Meaning lets play some real music without being sexual. Viva la 2000’s an era of sayings of “as if” & “talk to the hand” we’re cooler than f-bombs & Kanye West’s “I am Jesus” profound accusations.



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