Where sharing is caring of all the exquisite and derishious meals that my husband and I cook. I hate to admit this but my husband is WAY more talented at cooking than I am. Being that I have an extremely competitive bone, I have had to learn that the kitchen isn’t a ball field.


We support farmer’s markets, local farmers, canning/pickling, and eating freshhhhh. I grew up in San Luis Obispo, CA which is known for it’s rich landscape and agriculture/farming  community. Every Thursday in the “Happiest Place on Earth” as Oprah called it, is where you can support local farmers, restaurants, and grab some ribs, chill out on the curb to listen to music. Afterward, the SLO nightlife is pretty fun, which I would know nothing about 😉

San Luis Obispo

Anytime we can explore a new place and weedle our way into a scene we are in. People can hate on hipsters, but lets get real, where they are there’s culture.


So needless to say, we only children whom God brought together, love food, traveling, and meeting new people.




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